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For real this time: Improvements

It's been quite a while...

Over the last couple of years, I have become more focused and confident in the direction I want to take my art career. I have moved away from Fine Art (i.e. making artworks to frame and sell *), and toward illustration and concept design for film, TV and games. More specifically, Character Design.

I have updated the website quite drastically to make it a more viable portfolio for employers to view. This has included removing a lot in order to make it cleaner. Pretty much everything, actually. It does not even have a menu now, which means this blog isn't immediately accessible (ha ha). However, it does have quick action buttons to contact me or visit my social media pages. I am sure that I will add a menu or footer for other pages on the website, but for now it is stripped back to basics. Funnily enough, it has not necessarily been easier to make it simpler.

Employers want to see your best work, as soon as possible, so they can judge whether you will be a good fit for the position. This is why I have made the homepage a simple carousel of my most recent character design work followed by some of my portraits when you scroll down. I may also add some other categories but I think those are my strongest bodies of work at the moment.

Also, I would like to reintegrate some of the features I was working on for the previous version of the website. For example, the "About" page for a brief introduction of me and my work. It is probably a good idea to include my "Links" page as well to have them spread out and labelled more clearly than the quick action buttons on the homepage. One of the links I had listed was to a Magma board that people could join to digitally draw with me. I still like this idea but I take part in Drawing Jams on the Schoolism discord as well, so it is not a priority.

Currently, my priorities are:

  • Making the home page look as simple, clear and professional as possible

  • Working on Character Design portfolio pieces to add

  • Making it easy to update and add artwork to my portfolio

  • Sending it to employers!

*I definitely still see myself selling things like prints in the future as I still love a variety of styles (my pens and lino tools are constantly calling to me). But, I primarily want to spend my time making art to help tell stories and not necessarily running a business, managing content and decorating people's walls.

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