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Hi, Magnus here

I'm making improvements!

If everything works out, you will be able to see a new and improved version of my website very soon. Since I'm working on transforming my art from a hobby into a career, this website will be changing significantly. This is pretty exciting so I am making all these changes and will be publishing the shiny new site in its entirety once it is finished.

1st September seems like a good date for this to happen, however I won't be promising that right away. Hopefully you will appreciate that this is a learning experience for me so I am not certain how long it will take to fully realise my hopes for this site. Perhaps it'll be sooner!

I am also working on content to share with you so there isn't a vacuum left while I'm making these improvements. That will be on my Instagram @magnusmerlin, I'll have some videos for YouTube and maybe some content for more platforms soon.

My home studio space is also getting a lot of my attention so let me know if you would like updates about that. I can also put more on here about the new website but you might just have to take a look once it's done!

See you soon!

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